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Add life to your casino rewards program.


Who We Are

& What We Do

The MTO Gaming Team consists of experienced casino marketers who strategically align with over 200 casino partners to increase patron satisfaction and reach top line revenue goals. ​We make work fun again by creating easy-to-administer loyalty programs that are comprehensive, trend-forward and engaging.  

Our Pillars


MTO Gaming is in the loyalty business,

so it makes no sense to work with every casino. Instead, we choose to partner with the top casinos in each geographic region. This approach allows us to present and deliver our unique promotions specifically tailored to our partner’s demographic while eliminating the fear of duplication at your closest competitor. It’s how we stay “loyal” in our loyalty business.


We believe that “fortune favors the bold”, especially when it comes to ideation around casino promotions. So we will dream up and present “bold” concepts that others are afraid to present. Whether it be a unique product, brand experience or just added “sizzle on the steak”, trust that our promotions will differentiate you from the competition and drive excited patrons to your doors.​


It is impossible to have fun and worry at the same time. So we eliminate the worry of executing casino promotions so our partners can enjoy the process and focus on other important matters. MTO Gaming provides complete project management from concept to delivery through timely communication and up-to-date Production & Delivery Reports. Our goal is to ensure on-time delivery of every order every time. We are on it!


The MTO Gaming Team are experienced casino marketers who understand the gaming environment so we can anticipate our customer’s needs. Let’s face it – YOU want your loyalty programs to run smoothly, YOUR BOSS wants to see cost effective solutions and YOUR PATRONS want to be rewarded with amazing gifts and surprises. Well, we know how to do that and are eager to help.


The sourcing strength of MTO Gaming is built on who we know and how much we purchase. We have spent 30+ years evaluating and building our key vendor network of brands, product designers, wholesalers and importers, so rest assured we work with the best of the best. The high volume of business we generate translates to competitive pricing and preferential service for us and our casino partners.



Irresistible incentives.

Bring customers into your establishment week after week, month after month with loyalty gifts that matter.

Whether your goal is to have a guest play up, or simply drive multiple visits, MTO Gaming offers exciting single-day and monthly continuity gift programs that will surprise and delight your top patrons. It is our earned expertise, driving passion, and committed promise that makes MTO Gaming the right choice to partner with for your loyalty gift needs.



Your patrons deserve the best, so let’s give them the best. MadeToOrder Gaming has long-standing relationships with the most in-demand brands in the retail and online marketplace. We offer the must-have products that will excite and motivate your players to take action, all at competitive pricing. 


Everyone loves a gift, but they will cherish a memory. Our team members are experts at creating concierge personal fittings and immersive product experiences built around amazing brands that will generate found memories long after the event is over. 


Gift budgets will vary, but the gift quality must always remain high. MadeToOrder Gaming offers an extensive line of private label merchandise produced at our network of overseas manufacturing partners that delivers the “wow” factor to both the patron and your bottom line.​



Certified Women and

Minority-Owned Business.

MadeToOrder upholds a commitment to diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace and beyond. We’ve been a certified Women-Owned business since 2006 and we continue to find ways to incorporate diversity and inclusivity into the work we do on a daily basis.



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