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Shortages: What You Need To Know

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

As the world reopens and industries reemerge from COVID-19 shutdowns, the global supply chain is struggling to keep up. Demand across industries has thrown global sourcing into disarray, causing widespread inventory shortfalls of manufacturing and consumer goods.

MadeToOrder is here to help your business navigate the challenges presented by ongoing supply chain issues, ensuring on-brand and on-time delivery of all your promotional product needs in the coming months.


Inventory Gaps

Shortages in raw materials and delays in overseas shipping are causing shortfalls in both hard and soft good product categories. Bags, drinkware and outdoor products are likely to be the most affected in addition to electronic and tech products. As buying for the holiday season intensifies, gaps in apparel stock could widen, too.

Price Increases

Industry-wide, suppliers have already increased pricing on virtually all product categories to offset soaring costs related to shipping/importing, raw materials, labor and transport. This trend is expected to continue as product demand increases for Q4 2021.

Shipping & Fulfillment Delays

Congestion at foreign and domestic ports, backlogs of rail and truck deliveries as well as COVID protocols and labor shortages are all contributing to severe delays in shipping and fulfillment.


Our team of expert salespeople is already working hard to plan ahead and mitigate anticipated issues due to supply shortages. Here are a few ways we are working with our clients and customers in order to provide quality and cost-effective products in a timely fashion:

  1. Early Ordering - Placing orders much earlier than usual will help guarantee that you get the products you want on schedule and at a fair price. The Q4 holiday season is expected to be most impacted by the ongoing supply chain issues. Work with our sales team today to plan ahead and place orders for the holiday gifting season well in advance.

  2. Creative Sourcing - We’re thinking outside the box when it comes to creatively sourcing on-trend, high quality and cost effective products for our clients this season. Our expert knowledge of product offerings and strong supplier relationships allow us to keep a close eye on inventory levels while we find the best solutions for our customers.

Questions? Contact our team today at

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