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Promo Product Roundup: Returning to the Workplace

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Your essentials guide for a smooth transition back to the office.

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath will be one of the biggest challenges of our time. As your business begins to start the complex task of returning to the workplace, MadeToOrder is here to help you transition with items for mitigating the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace and productivity tools to keep your workforce safe and focused during the transition.

From anti-microbial office essentials to the latest in personalization capabilities, check out our featured picks:

Anti-Microbial Apparel

We offer an array of comfortable, breathable apparel with anti-microbial finish like this stylish Eco-Knit Half Zip. This treatment for textiles has been proven to destroy the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Learn more here.

W-DEGE Eco Knit Half Zip (Antimicrobial Finish)

Anti-Microbial Pens & Stationary

Bacteria can thrive and survive on surfaces for many weeks, if not months. Your favorite pen is no exception. Antimicrobial pens are a great solution to limit the spread of germs.

Prima Anti-Microbial Pen - Black

Lanyards & Badges

Does your organization require employees to wear badges and lanyards when in the office? Now is a great time to provide employees with anti-microbial breakaway lanyards and badge holders. Also, be sure to consider antimicrobial lanyards when planning for your next trade show or event.

Antimicrobial Lanyard

UV Sterilizers

We carry a variety of technology for UV sterilization, like this UV Phone Sterilizer with Wireless Charging Pad which can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses by using UV-C light technology without chemicals or mercury. With sterilization taking only 90 seconds, this is the perfect gadget to place around your office.

UV Phone Sterilizer with Wireless Charging Pad

Lunch Totes & Kits

Equip your workforce with the newest designs and technology for portable lunch totes and kits. This option features antimicrobial lining and MaxCold insulations with 25% more foam to keep contents cooler longer.

Igloo® Rowan Lunch Cooler - Black (Antimicrobial Lining)

Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder

While wellness in the workplace is on everyone's minds, gift your employees with Ulla, the world's first hydration reminder bottle attachment! Drink 3 times more water, have more energy and avoid headaches with this branded personal hydration coach.

Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder

Custom Drinkware

Keep beverages at the perfect temperature in custom drink ware like this double wall stainless tumbler. Work with our team on customized designs and logo placement.

Aviana™ Clover Double Wall Stainless Wine Tumbler - 12 Oz. - Matte Navy (Personalization Available)

UV Sterilization Water Bottle

Purification has never been easier! The UV sterilization self-cleaning water bottle keeps your water pure and odorless. This is a great, durable option for employees and customers alike.

UV Sterilization Copper Vacuum Bottle 18oz | Item number: OTSXF-NTLYD

Click here for a full list of "Back to the Workplace" product ideas. Get in touch with our team to start a project!


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