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MTO CEO Sandy Gonzalez Awarded 2021 Woman of Distinction by ASI's Counselor Magazine

Join us in congratulating MadeToOrder CEO Sandy Gonzalez for being recognized as the 2021 Woman of Distinction by ASI's Counselor Magazine! Each and every day, Sandy's commitment to growth and ingenuity powers our team at MadeToOrder and the work we do for our clients.

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About Sandy Gonzalez:

Sandy Gonzalez is an experienced sales professional and visionary branding specialist currently operating as Chief Executive Officer and Senior Sales Partner at MadeToOrder, Inc.

As a self-taught professional with over 30 years of experience in the promotional products industry working with many of the world’s leading brands, much of Sandy’s success in the industry stems from her commitment to continued education and research with a focus on design, sales, marketing, technology and management.

Through her work delivering unique and trend-forward promotional solutions and custom programs for corporate clients all over the world, Sandy has emerged as a leader shaping the future of the industry, approaching every project through the lens of creativity and innovation.

Sandy has received numerous recognitions for excellence in her field, including Advantages Magazine “Best Reps of 2016”, Counselor Magazine “Hot 100 List” and, most recently, Counselor Magazine “Woman of Distinction 2021.”

Outside of the office, Sandy enjoys golfing and fueling her natural curiosity by taking online courses on a variety of subjects, often finding intersection between her personal interests and the work she does for her clients and customers.

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