Brand Advocates

Brand Advocates

Our Sales teams are made up of experienced brand advocates, marketers and communicators.

They work as extensions of your marketing, event planning and branding specialists. Our reputation as a Top 50 supplier has been built on the expertise of our sales partners most of whom have been with MadeToOrder™ for more than 10 years.

Our sales partners aren’t simply employees, they own the company. MTO’s partner ownership model allows for decentralized decision-making with centralized back office support and economies of scale in accounting functions, technology use and development.

Our collaborative environment encourages the sharing of sales and support resources and the efficient sharing of office and warehousing locations making sure that all of our customers get the benefit of large scale operations without losing the intimacy of small team relationships.


Promotional Products

Promotional Products

Successful promotional products do what their name implies, which is to add a dimension of ‘motion’ to your brand. Print, radio, television, and Internet media all offer short-lived brand experiences; promotional items send your brand out into the world to play golf, write a novel, attend an important meeting, or go on a business trip. Tangible objects give your brand body and permanence.

Corporate and team apparel sales have exploded over the last decade due to the casual environments many organizations have adopted. With this explosion, the corporate apparel industry has made massive changes keeping up with current trends and life styles. Employees and clients can now look good and feel comfortable while becoming a “walking” advertisement.

MadeToOrder™ offers a wide range of apparel options to match anyone’s budget. From t-shirts, golf shirts, and hats, to sweatshirts, jackets, and workout gear, we can fit your corporate team.


International Sourcing

International Sourcing

Our name says it all, whether it is OEM parts, products for resale, souvenirs or gift with purchase, we find the best source for your brand through manufacturing partners around the globe. We are experts in managing custom, short run manufacturing.

MadeToOrder™ offers full-service product development and sourcing with the ability to turn a specific idea, or simply a drawing, into a ‘madetoorder’ reality. Our reputation and size give us the opportunity to work directly with factory representatives to ensure the best price for our clients. We manage production and shipping from the factory, through customs and to the final destination.

MadeToOrder has developed a strong global sourcing network of suppliers that can manufacture just about any product you may be looking for whether it is a branded promotional product or a specialty gift. Our network gives us the ability to provide our clients with cost effective solutions and creative products that distinguish their brands.

The MTO team has developed long-term strategic relationships with our entire domestic and international supply chain. Our supplier Code of Conduct ensures that we can manage and monitor our vendors to maintain a high level of quality, accountability, efficiency, and proprietary pricing necessary for them to meet our criteria.




We have warehousing facilities around the globe so we can help our customers minimize the costs and impacts of picking, packing and shipping. Our expertise in logistics will help reduce the overhead of packing, fuel consumption, time and storage.


Quality Control

Quality Control

MadeToOrder™ takes quality very seriously and has taken the following steps to ensure that our clients' resources are well protected:

MadeToOrder has established a written Code of Conduct that all suppliers must sign and display. This MTO Code of Conduct outlines the basic requirements concerning working conditions that must be satisfied by all vendors of MTO. MTO and its principals are free to monitor and supplement these requirements at any time

MTO is committed to a business model based on sound environmental practices and performance. MTO has initiated a program to reduce unnecessary packaging or to use recycled materials whenever possible. MTO actively participates in recycling of outdated catalogs and office wastepaper

The MTO Vendor Compliance Certificate states: Vendors shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations in respect of protecting the environment and maintain procedures for notifying local authorities in the event of an environmental accident resulting from Vendors operations.

MTO provides hard samples of all products, proof approvals and production samples, in order to ensure participation and formal customer approval at every step of the selection, design and procurement process in order to ensure successful communication, insure against errors and surprises. MTO manages the communication, agreement process carefully through the final delivery of the product and the overall success of the event

MTO participates in formal QBR (Quality Performance Reviews) with our clients. Typically those reviews are held once a quarter or, occasionally, at the end of a particular project. The format of those reviews is designed to meet client specifications.


Project Management

Project Management

Our clients our often very busy people who have programs and events to run. We don’t expect them to want to learn much about branded products purchasing.

That’s why MadeToOrder™ manages each project we undertake, from start to finish without missing any of the details from first idea to final delivery. We deliver each project within time, cost and performance objectives.


Awards & Incentives

Awards & Incentives

MadeToOrder™ has extensive experience in developing and servicing incentive and recognition programs for a wide range of clients and industries. We customize each of our clients’ programs to fit their audiences’ life styles in the following categories: electronics, outdoors, sports, home & leisure, tools, jewelry, travel, and high end apparel.

Whether the event calls for crystal, glass or silver, MTO offers a beautiful selection of creations used as trophies, Presidents Cup, Achievers Circle of Excellence, like a Wimbledon plate or the British Open Challis or an Oscar. And for the occasion when non branded consumer goods might be appropriate we have relationships with top tier providers such as Bose, Swiss Army, Tumi or Coleman for special gifts.

MTO boasts industry-leading sales volume concentrated over very few individual Sales Partners, yielding operational efficiencies for our vendors. These efficiencies have translated into exclusive and semi-exclusive reseller 'franchise' agreements with the most selective brands available in today's corporate gift industry. Wholesale vendors of elite brands want their merchandise to be sold by elite high-volume sales professionals. MTO has benefited accordingly, as have MTO clients.


FulFillment & Packaging

Fullfillment & Packaging

From applying custom stickers to attaching hangtags, collating kits to distribution, MadeToOrder™ does it all. Because custom assembly demands attention to detail every time, our services include: specialty packaging, shrink wrapping, labeling, sales and promotional kit assembly, mail order fulfillment, inventory control, delivery, distribution, shipping and tracking. MadeToOrder will take the time to make the packaging an important part of the experience for the recipient. Whatever the budget, we will make each piece truly memorable.

MadeToOrder offers a range of fulfillment services to our clients that present solutions to better manage their supply chain operations through warehousing, kit building, literature fulfillment, and personalized mail. With our global offices and fulfillment centers we can warehouse and distribute your products or content seamlessly and efficiently with same day turnaround.

No project is too small or large with our flexible accommodations. In addition, we can ship worldwide utilizing our preferred shippers or yours.


Merchandise Technology

Merchandising Tech

We’re committed to process integration and we’ve invested in it. We call our applications MTOMall, MTORewards, and MTONow. These applications offer customized web platforms for select distribution to specific audience, business gifting with codified rule structure and detailed back end financial reporting and compliance. With MadeToOrder™ you get everything you need from just one source, including the ultimate in brand and logo protection.

MTOMall and MTONow allow clients to pre-select a group of products to be featured visually online. These interfaces allow users to view, select, purchase and track their promotional purchases from any standard Internet browser. The platform provides a sophisticated management reporting module with a single button export to Excel. This is the industry’s single best end-to-end product management solution. And it is available 24-hours a day; 7 days a week; 100% safe and secure.


Gaming & Hospitality

Gaming & Hospitality Incentives

More winning! MadeToOrder is a team of dependable professionals who work together through strategic partnerships with over 200 casinos to reach marketing goals in a fun, easy, and reliable way. MTO prides itself in stability and diversity and is proudly a woman owned WBENC company which satisfies Gaming Commission requirements.

Experience- Made to Order employees bring an average of 15+ years’ marketing experience. We understand you want it to be easy, your boss wants it to be cheap, and your customers want it to be amazing.

Sourcing- It’s who we know and how much we buy. We carefully choose our network of importers, designers, wholesalers, and promo vendors. That’s our team, we partner with them so you get you the best value for your marketing dollars.

Creativity- We love to make the impossible possible and get the newest must have item in your customers hands and in your budget.

Loyalty- Ever worry that your competitor will give out the same gift right before you do? We create custom promotions for your casino that are new, exciting, and exclusive. We are focused on developing long term relationships with selected casinos in each region.

Service- The fun part of our job is making sure you never worry. We’re experts on seamlessly managing the process from ideas till promotion day. Our staff is organized, honest, and loves to predict what you will need before you even have the thought. Our services include Direct Importing, Creative Services, Warehousing, Exclusivity and Logistics Support.

Results- We custom design programs for the biggest casinos and they count on us to exceed their expectations at every step. For us, there is no better goal than achieving a casino’s most profitable promotions every year.

Gifts– Everyone loves to be a part of an exclusive club and get rewarded with presents. Loyalty gifts bring players in to your casino and keep them happy, playing longer, and more often. They will always want to qualify for the next great gift. The guests won’t be complaining, they’ll be talking about how much they love you!

Merchandise- By creative sourcing and bulk buying through Made to Order, a casino can offer their players perceived high value merchandise, which directly leads to more coin in the machines. We have spent many years developing relationships with high to low end name brand merchandisers and licensed product vendors and many times can go directly to the factories that produce your favorite goods.

Continuity- We specialize in designing custom series of gifts, or what is called a Continuity Program. Using these types of promotions your casino can maximize profits by bringing players back more often and creating excitement. We’ve proven that players will stay more loyal to your casino because they do not want to miss an awesome gift series that all of their friends have.

Custom Fittings- Working with brand distributers and organizing custom fittings for your guests is a way to make them feel extra special and make sure that you have the exact quantity of gifts you need at the exact sizes they wear. From shoes, to watches, to jackets… custom fittings are one of the most fun promotions that we get to be a part of and something that your guests will never forget!