Cris Aldridge
Sarah Demont - Sales Partner

Phone: 925.264.8608
Location: Orange County
  Southern California

A surprising fact about me:
I almost worked for the CIA.

Favorite place I’ve visited and why:
Saint Petersburg Russia.

Why – it was absolutely stunning – the museums, the castles and the landscape.

What I originally thought I’d be when I grew up:
A Broadcast News Anchor - Like Diane Sawyer.

Sarah entered the professional world in the cosmetics industry. She was on the Sales and Marketing Team at Revlon Cosmetics, managing drugstore accounts. Sarah then married and moved to France for a few years. Moving to Los Angeles, Sarah started working for Twentieth Century Fox in Retail Marketing. It was a super exciting time working at a movie studio, traveling and attending movie functions.

However her priorities changed after having a child, and Sarah decided to move to Orange County to be a sales person part time for a promotional vendor she had worked with at FOX. Never one to slow down, Sarah liked the business so much she never went part time and has been selling promotional goods ever since. Sarah joined MTO through an acquisition and it has turned out to be a perfect fit.

Sarah’s marketing, manufacturing and operational background allows for her to understand the order process from start to finish. A great quality for a salesperson dealing with large dollar orders.

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